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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Namaste means “my soul recognizes yours” not “I tripped really hard at a festival once and now I’m filled with the wisdom of the Earth”

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hans Holbein: Dance of Death (1526)

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Being southern is really funny cause were inherently fake as hell “bless your heart” is THE shadiest sentence in the entire lexicon of americanized english  

It’s so true!


gods for the modern agesekhmet

be a fighter: fight all those who oppose you, and when your people fall, fight death too. be a queen: deck yourself in gold and jewels and wear regality in every glittering gemstone. be the desert: scorching and bright, magnificent and deadly. wear your lion’s heart on your sleeve and hold your head high and if anyone tries to tear you down, destroy them.



The creation and use of herbal cigarettes in magic and the mundane. By. The Darkest of Lights

An introduction to the use of herbal cigarettes (HC) ; the HC are great for travail , you can smoke these when you wish to relax, before trance work, to create spiritual wards. These are safe to smoke ; caution they may cause you to have visions or feel light headed almost an
” high”.

**pregnant women shouldn’t be smoking, and I would assume it’s common sense to not smoke around them as some of these herbs can be harmful to them.

- Instruments needed -
- rolling machine
- rolling papers
- paper rolling tips
- mortar / pestle

~ Herbs suggested ~
~Coltsfoot (medicine: cold & cough / magic: hedgecrossing & spirit-sight),
~;Spearmint (medicine: stimulant / magic: healing & psychic powers), 
~Skullcap: medicine; calming , antispasmodic , relieve cramps, muscle pain from stress, good for insomnia Magical: love, fidelity,peace, used in spells of relaxation) 

~Wild Lettuce (medicine: sedative magic: hedgecrossing), and 
~Wormwood (medicine: euphoric & stimulant / magic: hedgecrossing & necromancy).
~mugwort : euphoric, stimulant , hedge crossing, divination
~damiana(Medicine Influences: Aperient, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Aromatic, Bitter, Diuretic, Hormonal, Laxative, Nervine, Stimulant, Tonic. )(magical : burned to produce visions, promote psychic dreams). · 

~Catnip adds a relaxing note to the smoking mixture. It is gentle and can be effective to take the edge off .magic: divination & psychic powers · 
~Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) leaves are the classic herbal smoke. They quickly clear the bronchia, open the airways, and jump-start breathing during asthma attacks magic: hedgecrossing & necromancy), ·

~ Mints: (peppermint, spearmint, horehound, catnip, etc.): either use as tea or smoke for menthol flavor; expectorant properties; reduces stress; helps withdrawal
~ Licorice root: for flavor and expectorant properties; helps coughing. CAUTION: may increase blood pressure · 

~Oregon Grape Root. A liver stimulant 

~Goldenseal may help your body ( on the endangered list) Salicylate herbs, like Willow and Oak, can help with headaches.

~Green Tea aids in alleviating depression to soothing aches and pains.

~Chamomile aids in the relief of stress, indigestion, headaches, anxiety, and depression * don’t use if your allergic to ragweed
~ Lavender relaxation, pain relief (especially for headaches and muscle aches), anxiety relief, and a general sense well being 

~Steps ~

Step 1:
Choose your herb blend then grind the herbs together thoroughly mixing them together.

Step 2:
Use the paper rolling tips that will serve as a filter and will help steady air flow and create a smooth burning cigarette.

Step 3:
Use the cigarette machine and firmly place the filter into one side of the machine then fill the extra space with your herbal mixture.

Step 4:
Close the now filled machine and roll it twice to pack in the herbal mix. Then introduce the rolling paper into the machine with the glue edge out. Then roll the machine towards yourself.

Step 5:
Once the paper is almost fully inside lick the glue edge then finish rolling the machine.

Step 6:
Congratulations! You’ve made an herbal cigaret!

— suggestions —
You can draw sigils and spells on the rolling paper to add power, make cigarets with certain magical intentions.

~ if there’s any further questions feel free to ask me.

Source: {Earl Mindells Herb Bible} , [cunninghams encyclopedia of Magical Herbs],( the rodale herb book) [ green Witchcraft by Ann moura]

For additional magic, you cad wright sigils on the inside of the rolling papers to activate them. You can make a protection mix, a divination mix, and many more.

fortune-telling or divination via a deck of cards.
Etymology: from French cartomancie, from carte, "card" (from Latin charta, from Ancient Greek khártēs, “paper, papyrus”) + -mancie (from Greek manteía, “divination”).
[Lenka Simeckova - Cards]




fortune-telling or divination via a deck of cards.

Etymology: from French cartomancie, from carte, "card" (from Latin charta, from Ancient Greek khártēs, “paper, papyrus”) + -mancie (from Greek manteía, “divination”).

[Lenka Simeckova - Cards]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I got called a satan worshiper at the bookstore. Oh, and I’m also going to Hell. In case, anyone wasn’t aware.

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